A beginner’s guide to the food truck scene in Saint John

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During the food truck season (typically from Spring to Fall), there are many places to support these small businesses whilst also eating your favourite foods. 

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These small businesses include Costa Nachos, Serious Smoke Food Truck, El Patron Taqueria, Smoked – Artisan Pizza, East Coast Fish & Chips, and Yummy Yummy Hotdogs. But where can you find these food trucks?

Area 506/Container Village 

Area 506/Container Village is home to two food trucks, they are El Patron Taqueria, and East Coast Fish & Chips. Located at 85 Water Street, right next to the Saint John Cruise Ship Terminal. This location is free to enter and visit the trucks, and other vendors around! Usually closed on Mondays and during the winter season, Container Village is a popular destination for events, food trucks, and many other vendors.

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Moosehead Taproom 

The Moosehead Taproom is a great location to enjoy a nice drink and eat food on its food truck days. Located at 89 Main Street, West Saint John, this brewery has indoor bar seating and outside balcony seating perfect for enjoying a nice drink. Even if you don’t drink Costa Nachos is there every week during Fall and spring, and on September 29, 2023, Big John’s Spiral Potatoes will be there.


Hampton Brewing 

Located in the town of Hampton, about forty kilometers outside the city of Saint John, Hampton Brewing is at 64 Robertson Road, right on the grounds of Fire Fly Recreation! Whether you want to take your family/friends camping, enjoy mini golf, hang out at the driving range, or enjoy some of the events this brewery offers, why not enjoy a nice cold drink, and get some food from Ciao Bella’s Pizza that is there every week in the warmer seasons.

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Ole Foggy Distillery 

Ole Foggy is a great distillery to enjoy craft beer, sing at their karaoke nights, and enjoy some food from the food trucks they host. Located in Hampton at 370 Main Street, only three kilometers away from Hampton Brewing, the food trucks you can find here during the truck season are Costa Nachos, Stoked – Artisan Pizza, and Avatar Food Truck.


Yip Cider

Located at 3015 Route 845 in Long Reach New Brunswick, Yip Cider is a beautiful cider mill/brewery to enjoy both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Additionally, Yip Cider offers food such as pizza as well as an array of food trucks. The trucks located at Yip Cider are Costa Nachos, East Coast Donair, and Fish & Chips. Don’t forget Yip Cider’s event dome, where they host bands, singers, and even comedians.


East Point Shopping Center 

East Point Shopping Center used to be the main location for food trucks in Greater Saint John, and yet as of 2023, it is considered to be deserted by these small businesses. Every weekend, East Point Shopping would have East Coast Donair, Serious Smoke, El Patron, Southern Influence (now closed), and Lizzy’s Trinity Kitchen (now closed). It’s said that during the COVID-19 pandemic, East Point had a big change in tenants which affected the foot traffic, as well it has also had a big increase in rent for the food trucks, from completely free, to $250 a month, to $500 a month, to $500+hst a month. On top of that, it is said that East Point stopped advertising its food trucks online which stopped people from even knowing the trucks were there.

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End note

You can always find trucks named above at different events of Greater Saint John such as Uptown Sparkles. 

Food trucks are amazing small businesses to support, and you can find them all around the Greater Saint John area. Why not help local entrepreneurs whilst eating some yummy food?

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