The Art of Trying

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Khushi Chauhan/The Baron

I saw the trees today and thought to myself how beautiful they look, even though they’re dying.

Seasons change, and so do the colour of the leaves; people change, and so do their beliefs.

Everything comes and goes, leaving me down in the wallows.

The simulation life has become, would it be better to leave these dying leaves or stay and grow with them?

Should I move to a new place and start all over again because my leaves are not green and my flowers are not blooming?

Should I go back to the sunshine or stay in the snow and let the seasons change my mind?

My name is Khushi, which literally means “joy.” I am a complex spirit that is captivated by the melodies of life. I am a passionate writer (I try my best to write), artist, and thinker now studying psychology and communication at university. Aside from scholastic activities, music has a special place in my heart, to the point that sleeping becomes difficult without its warm embrace. Join me on a voyage where the rhythmic cadence of language, the vivid strokes of art, and the profound insight of philosophy blend with the exquisite symphony of music to create a unique and lively tapestry of interests.