Summer Throwback: Five albums that will have you holding onto summer for just a while longer

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Summer has ended but that does not mean that the chilled pace of not fretting about school has to as well. There is a long year ahead of us and sometimes a throwback to carefree days is the best remedy. Coming straight out of my music library in true high fidelity fashion, here are my top five favorite albums (in no particular order) that I grooved out to the most during the summer.

An Awesome Wave by Alt-J (∆):

Combining many influences from reggae, folk, jazz, all entangled with a trip hop atmosphere, the premiering album of the British indie band proves to be not only fun and catchy, but enticing. The vocal range here is also quite impressive, and all though at first scary, it comes to grow on you as the smoothness and almost orchestral like melodies are interwoven into something incredible. This is a real treat considering the refined elegance of the lyrics in their deeply poetic simplistic form.

Teen Dream by Beach House:

This album is a lazy summer day. Electro infused, chill wave, pop fun, with cute lyrics makes this album all that much better to just take in. You will find yourself breathing with the smooth backup vocals, incorporated with a large variation of sounds and effects that deliver a package of an almost dream like quality. Follow the music closely, and you will find yourself in a summertime trance even among the darkest of winter days.

Vapours by Islands:

Painting a picture with music is no easy task, but Islands makes it look easy. Lyrically wise it delivers pure feel good, grin inducing bliss. With a slight ska influence garnishing the already intense bass lines and vocals makes this album all that much more interesting. From start to finish this album consistently delivers a beautiful portrait of a summer day.

Last Day of Summer by White Denim:

Appropriately titled, this album delivers just that. Saying goodbye is never easy, which is the running theme of this album in a good humored, jazz infused, folk rock fashion. Beautifully composed with smooth guitar riffs and a wide variety of instruments, you will still find yourself lost in the minimalism consistently mixed in with an entourage of sounds and passion that is sure to make you reflect on the long gone summer days in the most wonderful kind of way.

Dead Ghosts (Self-Titled):

Feeling like a throwback to the old jam rock of the bluesy rock scene popularized in the 50’s, the Vancouver based band unleashes such happy melodies that just gets your toe tapping. The lo-fi recording of this album makes the package that much more authentic. Even still more incredible is how fresh each song sounds when listening from start to finish. With such a catchy vibe, it’s hard not to superimpose this album on top of those summertime memories.

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