Dear Eyes


Dear Eyes,
I should have sheltered you
from the things that seemed unseen,
and I should have listened to you more.

But god help me if it was not also you
who showed me the ways of sin,
and pointed my attention
to a place where a heart does not belong.

I tried to see things as they were;
I am sorry for trying to disobey your perception.

I should let you play me as a fool,
for you know better than me
what I should be looking at.

Thank you for letting me
see the blindness in others,
and showing me ways
in which I was blind myself.

Thank you for showing me
the beauty of colour
and the aura of her.

I know that you more than
the rest have missed her.
It was you who showed me
what a smile can do to a heart,
but it is also you who
will suffer long after it is gone.